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Food Preparation Information

  1. We do not use lard in any of our food preparation, including the tortillas which are provided by Sabroso Foods, in Albuquerque. 

  1. All beef is Certified Gold Canyon.

  1. Many of our meats, including Carne Adovada, Beef Steak, and Chicken are grilled on our flat top grills rather than fried. 

  1. Our Steak, packed especially for us, is trimmed from steaks for fine dining restaurants.  It’s high quality tender meat.

  1. We use only 100% ground beef, no fillers.

  1. We use canola oil in ALL of our food preparation. 

  1. Our chicharrones are prepared in traditional northern New Mexico style which includes 80% pork meat and 20% fat deep fried until crispy.  We do not use any skin. 

  1. We peel and slice our own potatoes, and make our beans from scratch everyday.